Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Derek's Christmas Party

This is the only picture that was taken during Derek's Christmas party:(

It is of Derek's co-worker Casey, his wife, and Lillian. Lilly must have hung out with those two for about 30min! Then, no more battery for the camera! I hate when that happens! This time more so because this was the first party we have taken the kids to and they were just so cute!

Anyways, the party was good, but kind of sad! For years they had it in the big room at D&B's, but with the way the economy has gone they could not do it this year (mind you they doubled the price of just renting the room alone, which makes no sense!). Also, it was very sad to see how noticeable the 'letting go' of roughly 30 employee's was at the party. The speech the owner gave was also very sad and you could see he meant how tough this year has been on him. Think of the stress he must have! I gave him a heartfelt 'good job' on his speech because it has got to be very tough!

This is just another example of how times are.

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