Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My New Addiction!

A few months back I shared how I watched 5 seasons of the TV show Weeds in I think 4 days?? Now what is my addiction?

Yep, that is right....a video game! I just posted how I am not a fan of video games or the fact that Derek and I allow Drew to play them, but MAN I forgot how much I ROCK at these games! For example, I soooo make it to level 8-4 of Super Mario (I refuse to look online on how to beat it) but forget the way to go in the "maze." Now, courtesy of the Wii, we have Sonic and Mario3. I know that I will end this "need to beat the game" time of my life very soon, but DANG I am in world 6-7 (again I refuse to look online as to how/when the worlds end) Argh:)

I am a very busy mommy and laugh about my love of 'old school' video games, but it is so my release!! haha

fyi, I watched season 6 of Weeds and can not wait until next season:)