Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sick Kids

Right now Emma is laying in our bed and Derek is on the couch. I have a towel under my 'panties only' Em, she is sleeping with two pillows and her lady bug blanket, the humidifier is on, Vick's is on her chest, a bowl with another towel is on the floor next to her because she ALWAYS throws up from her violent coughing, and I gave her Mortin (that is the only med I give my kids....this is a first for the Vick's, but she won't blow her nose or let me suck it out).

One would think that I would be sleeping, but I am not, I can't! If she makes a funny noise then I need to look at her. If she does not move after a bit then I need to touch her chest. If she throws up I need to grab that dang bowl and prepare for flem.

Also, having a sick child means that I can not do the things I want to do. Like I have two coupons for Kohl's I was saving for tomorrow so I can get Drew some new shoes, my mom's club is having our Christmas Potluck and Book Exchange..we are not going, I wanted to go to Drew's class for a little bit, I wanted to go to the post office. I wanted to go to the get my point:)

Life as a mommy, even though I am married, is still hard because while Derek sleeps I have to tend to her, freak out about her breathing, and still wake up with the other kids! How single and working mommies do it is still a wonder to me. GO MOMS!

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