Monday, December 20, 2010

Party Before Christmas, Lee Style!

Lee Family Christmas 2010 was a hit. It was so nice to have The Weils down! Even though Connor is filming in Vegas it was nice to have Uncle Al and Sky. I am not sure if they are use to the amount of people and activity of the family, but I am sure they will be use to it by next year.
We did not order from Wings this year, but maybe we will next year because Kels will go pick it up! We kept telling her that since she will be 18 next Christmas she better get a J-O-B because she will joining us in the 'adult' exchange. She was a good sport about it!
All of the kids and adults have a great time, but it is really strange to see the the progression of life in the once young kids from bugging us to open presnets and playing dress up to having boyfriends/driving/talking about politics and religion. IT IS SOOO STRANGE!
The littlest ones went first, then the teenagers, then adults. I should have timed it, because it took forever! When the kids were all done Em said that she wanted to, "go home to play with her presents." It got a little difficult with our older two because all they wanted to do was play with every toy and could not understand that there were too many people and too many toy parts. It has been two days and we are still opening presents! We wrapped up around 10:30, but did not go to sleep then. Elisa and Dwayne came back to our house, we put our kids to bed, talked and drank some good wine. Well, at least Elisa and I drank some wine...I am not sure what the boys did. I do not think they did either because when waking up I found an almost empty bottle of Jack, my laundry everywhere because the hamper was broken, the bikes were sideways, Derek's shirt was ripped, and there was a dart in the hose of my washing machine. Party was a success! Hangover cure.....Hero's with the family!

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