Monday, December 20, 2010

It is DONE!

Before "Happy Juice"

After "Happy Juice" kicked in

Bye, Bye! I loved how they transported the littler ones. Wagons everywhere!

Later at home after some pain killers and dinner

For those that I told, thank you for the prayers, advise, and well wishes for today. For those that I did not tell (i.e my sis, Patty) I am so sorry! Maybe it was my copping mech??? It was a hard night and day for us emotionally, but we got through it. Drew did so well during pre-op, surgery, post-op and now at home....frankly I am not surprised. We are been blessed with a very healthy happy boy and we needed to focus on that while he got ready, was rolled away from us, watched his patient number on a screen reporting that he was being wheeled to the OR, in the OR, and alas the surgeon came in, then we were off to recovery. When he woke up he only gave 4 or 5 crocodile tears then wanted to go home to watch Avatar! He did not freak out or have complications, so proud of him! Here is the run down on what happened today at CHLA, an amazing place!

*Drew had a Meatoplasty, Google it and then go ouch!
*Wake up time was 4am! Showered, threw Cars on in the car and headed to CHLA for a 6am check in.
*Waited forever on the 7th floor until we got to pre-op at 8am.
*Drew did not want to put on "tiger pj's" because he chose not to like tigers this morning.
*Got some 'happy juice' (yes, they call it that) and became was hilarious! He kept pressing the same buttons on a toy and smiled and told us he had feet. Then he put on the jammies.
*Prayers were spoke and off to the OR he went. Love Derek, he was so emotional and there is nothing wrong with that:)
*Mc D's for a latte while Derek waited for Drew. There was no way I was sitting in that waiting room. I got back and 10min later it was all done!*
*We saw him! Just as sweet as could be sleeping all wrapped up. I remember that warm feeling under the thin white covers from my sections:)
*We kept him asleep as long as possible, he woke a bit later, we got him dressed and we were off for home.

This is why I think if went well. First, he is a healthy boy. Second, we did not tell him why he was there until we got to pre-op. This worked for us, may not for you....but if you have kids you know 'the freak out attack' they can have. Third, we gave it to God. Watching all of the Chemo patients in their jammies, masks, blankets, no hair, and parents just wanting them to get better made me think a lot about how I have been lately. I have been short tempered and stressed. My stress is nothing compared to what these little people are going through...I need to remember that. It is my stress and what I am being given right now, but the thought of having a sick child....horrible. These were babies that should be outside playing in puddles not in there. Finally, I followed instructions given by the doctor, prepared Derek and I as much as I could, ate something, drank water, took my meds, remembered to breathe, had my mom watch the girls (thanks mommy!) got plenty of sleep, and let the nurses/doctors take the lead. After all, they know what they are doing and see this everyday. This is the second time that we have been through a child's surgery, maybe that helped too. Of course, when we had concerned we asked questions.


Darci said...

Oh man do I feel for you! Seriously that day Gwen had her surgery was terrible I hated being the in hospital and not seeing her when they took her away! That happy juice is hilarious. So glad that it all went well and he was such a great boy about it all. Hugs and kisses.

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

I used to visit patients at the CHLA. It always put things into prespective for me. I try to often stop and think about those kids when I am having a tough day with the boys, I have to remind myself to be thankful for their overall health. I am glad Drew boy is good and good job mommy and daddy.

Farnes Family Four said...

I understand waiting until the very end to tell people when stressful things are approaching. So glad Mr. Drew is all well! Figured you'd get a coffee!! No way you would sit the whole time! PS-Glad you made sure you did the food, water, pills for yourself

Rebecca Titone said...

I am so happy everything went well. Poor Drew! And poor you and Derek. I hope he feels much better now. Kisses from all of us!

MRSB said...

I was amazed to see him looking so bright and chipper upon his return home. You and Derek did a great job that day, you made me proud.