Friday, December 17, 2010

Tackle Tuesday

Yes, it is Friday, but I had to post my tackle because maybe others could use the awesome results.

So, I HAD to find Ms. Brenda some awesome CLIP ON earrings. Well, I had no idea where to go that would not break the bank and I thought???????>>>>.... Stein Mart?? I have never even been in one (old person store that my mom always talks about..haha you 50 yr old). So while Derek was at home sleeping with Lilly and the other two were are the Maloof's house for a play date I headed over to pick through what I thought would be no more than 10pairs of CLIP ONs and would be out of there in 15mins. I was so wrong!!

When I walked into the store I thought, "I am the youngest person here and where are the earrings!?" Well, other things caught my eye and I was there for 1.5 hours! There was so much stuff and it overloaded my brain! I kid you not, they have 3 racks of CLIP ONS!!!

So, if you want some clip ons and maybe find some other stuff that you really do not need but MUST HAVE...go to Stein Mart, but not on Tuesday when there is a huge line at the register due to senior discount day! BTW, Ms. Brenda loved her present:)


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Their home section is pretty cool there, I can find some accessories there sometimes as well, oh and jammies, shoes, and sometimes even clothes. I hope this does not qualify me as being "50+" hahahaha!

MRSB said...

All right girls just remember women are like fine wine - they get better with age. Cheers!