Thursday, October 25, 2012

A little much?

When Mike was done from SLO to attend Richard's wedding we got,

and this is what Derek and Mike did all day on Sunday. Well, besdies drink & BBQ all sorts of meat.

But what fun is a Sunday with just watching football when we have so many other technological devices? Why not have golf and baseball on? I am surprised that they did not pull the TV from our room in there with them!

So now every Sunday I try to watch a game, but it gets interrupted all of the time! It drives me crazy! I know that most men love that channel/network (I really do not know what it is) and I love that we get to watch so many different games and those that are not even aired here, but dang! I want to know what led up to that touchdown or an incredible catch! I guess I am thinking way to much about the entire thing.

Like I said I love the channel, but I am also happy when 5pm comes around and I get to watch an entire game during Sunday Night Football!

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