Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Gym!

**my camera phone stinks!**

We LOVE going to FREE events at My Gym. Since I do so much stuff with the kids I am always looking for free or cheaper stuff to take them to. I am saving my pennies on things until the kids get older and start to care! haha. Anyways, they have open houses a few times a year and we have been to birthday parties there. The place is fun for the kids and us adults get to hang out for a bit.

With that being said, I am not sure what happened, but I found myself signing Lilly up to join My Gym. I am trying to blame someone until her 2 months there is up! Could it have been.....

Kaya coming over to play on Friday for a bit while Jonee and I had a glass of wine?

Could it have been later that same night I went out with Mar to the wine bar?

Or maybe going there this time with Mar, Leydy, & baby Sam (Sam has a membership) along with seeing Jen and the kiddies? They had so much fun!

Or maybe that I had to run and pick up Drew from baseball. That is when the My Gym staff got me! I really had to leave to get Drew, but did not want to be rude! I really had to go to Grant's 2nd birthday, Gabba Gabba, themed birthday party? Grant is the little guy on the right that was refusing to look at the camera all afternoon.

Whatever the reason, Lilly has been enjoying her time at My Gym. She gets one more month and then no more for her. It is fun, but nothing that she does not already do with me, her friends, in ballet or at the park.

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