Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last game of the year!

The last night game for the Angels was on the 26th of Sept and one for the Lee Family Record book! I took ALL of the kids by myself to a game! Yes, all by myself. Derek ended up working late for the last night game of the year and if it had not been for that then I would have still had Lilly go to grandma's the last game I would have brought a friend to tag along.

So I sucked up my anxiety of big crowds, forgot about the awning that would be over my head, reminded myself that the shake of the floor would just be kids jumping from one step to the next to, and of course....knew I would have exactly one beer to help numb my thoughts just enough. We went, in no rush at all, sat in one of the usual sections we sit in (this time on the 1st base side with the opposing teams wives, yes funny), the kids got some candy (I got that beer), we stayed just for a few innings (it being a school night), and then headed home. It was the right amount of time for me to be there with the kids. We got to see Trout hit (we really want one of those Trout hats they are selling) and yell CHONE when Figgins (a past Angel) got up to bat. I even saw a girl from high school and said hello.

Even though Daddy was not there it was fun and I can not wait for next season to come around!

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