Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Family day at San Juan Capistrano Mission

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I have never been to the San Juan Capistrano Mission before. Many southern California kids go there in 4th or 5th grade while learning about the beautiful California missions, but since we moved so much and to two different schools in the same district in two years I just missed it. At the time I was happy that I got to miss having to make a replica mission, but it took me until 32 to get over to see one. I think there are 21 missions in Ca and now that I have the itch to see them all, do not be surprised if you read about more of them in the near future. Take a look, http://www.missionsjc.com/.

Walking through the mission while listening to the head set things, the kids loved them, on a beautiful Sunday was perfect. The kids LOVED it there. My mom had not been there since she went with Ty & Hailee years and years ago, so I think she had a good time too. It is always so nice to go to places even if you have gone before because it is really a different experience. Different for my mom this time because she went with my kids and us. Brian, the stinker, did not go with us. He says he has been there before. This is true. He went to school there 50 years ago!! That was hilarious to me. I wonder how much it has changed?? haha. Derek could not remember the last time he was there, and as mentioned before I had never been there.

Of course, it was full of history. Derek and I compare it to the old churches and plantations back east. However, back east has a much older, albeit new world, history than here. I MISS BACK EAST! The walls of the Mission and old cemetery drew me in and the lily-pads were a huge hit with the kids. Thanks mom for going with us!

Since it was family day for my mom's side of the the family we met the rest of the family down the street for lunch at Ricardo's. Our family is getting smaller and smaller out here in Cali! Now that my Aunt & Uncle are getting divorced, the death of my Nannie, Poppie basically bed ridden, and my sisters back east....well, it just stinks. We make the most of it though! Next time I am sure Jo and Ken will be here and my Uncle can join us because he had a gold tourny to attend.

Oh well! Anywhoo, Mexican is always a hit with us! The harpist that played next to our table was beautiful and the food was pretty good. We did not have a drink, but my Auntie Deb & Brian split a pitcher of rita! Things are-a-changing! After walking around the Mission and having lunch 1.5hrs late we were STARVING! Good thing I was hungry and ate quickly because we had to leave fast for Drew's baseball game! We had another busy, busy day!

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