Friday, October 26, 2012

Just Keep Running!

No wrapping paper, no chocolate, no popcorn to sell for school...but they do run! They run, run, run to raise money for the school. It is the only fundraiser for the year and from what I could tell from last year, they raise some big $$. Em's class was first, followed by Drew's. Em ran under 15 laps (I can not remember) and Drew ran 20! He did so good! Em is defiantly a ballerina and not a runner! haha

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It was so hot that day! Thank goodness Drew's teacher was just taking pictures and not running, that baby girl in her belly may not have liked the heat so much! But she might have been rocking out to all of the "jammin" music they had rockin. No, really, there were parents and teachers dancing all around. I do not think I drank enough coffee by 10am to be like that.

I just kept taking pictures and tried not to let Lilly wonder away or get naked like she did last year! Yep, our naked-butt kept her clothes on, cheered for her brother and sister, played on the tablet, and did not run off to the playground!

A classmate of Em's grandma made a cute sign for her grandson, Evan. That was awesome to see her cheer! I would not be surprised if next year there were other parents/family members that did the same.

Isn't he so dang cute!

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