Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No Kiddies!

Friday morning my mom called to ask, "can we have the kids from tonight until Sunday?" Say what!!!!!!!!!! Heck yes! Mommy and daddy were having an unexpected weekend alone. What should we do? Wine party, dinners alone, and sleeping in was on the list.

I had some things planned for the weekend, so it was awesome that the parents wanted them as long as they did because it saved me some $$ on babysitters! Plus, they took the kids to my mom's side of the family's family reunion in Irvine. I am so happy there were able to see everyone and everyone got to see their cutie-pie faces even though Derek and I could not make it.

So what did Derek and I do with our many hours without the kiddies?

#1- WINE PARTY! DeAnne and Ryan set up a wine tasting party. There were 6 couples that brought two bottles each and an appetizer. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I loved how DeAnne and Ryan threw it together. It was really like a wine tasting, but with a twist. We had to rate the wine and whoever got the highiest score won a prize (prize part we did not know about). It was nice to get a little dressed up, have no kids, drink some good wine (a few really bad one's too), eat my stuffed mushrooms, and have a few really good laughs.

One good laugh was when Bryon and I were posing for a picture because we both gave each other wines a high mark. Mine was 'Pancake' from Trader's, his was something (my other wine, 'County Fair' something was gross!). Anyways, we were posing for a funny picture leaning back to "pretend" to take a swig of wine and BAMM...there was more wine in my mouth which I did not expect! Choking and laughing followed...oh and me just finishing the bottle that way! There was not really that much left, but it was funny.

Then Bryon took the bet to drink the "DUMP" bucket. He made $35 dollars!

Then he got all "Townhall" on us, which was funny!

We were home by 10pm, Derek in bed for his very long day of work the next day and I got to sleep in then off to...

#2- Memorial for Jimmy. This was a sad day for DeAnne and her family. Her older brother, Jimmy passed away from organ failure on the 11th. The memorial at Angelo's was a very nice celebration of his life. He had a ton of friends, a wonderful ex-wife, and a loving family that misses him dearly. I only have fond memories of him. DeAnne & Ryan's wedding, us going down to Laguna for DeAnne (21st)and her mom's birthdays, when Terri had her 50th birthday, and of course countless birthday's and holiday celebration during the 16 or so years I have known the family. He had a smile that would draw you in and his height made you want to just hug him. He was just a very nice guy.

He was a very sweet guy that ended up loving his frosty type beverages too much and died at 42 from it. If you know anyone with any sort of addiction please bring it up to them. It won't hurt to do it.

**I chose not to go to the reunion to do this**

#3- dinner with Derek and then outside with the girls on the street! No kids outside to look after, no husbands to bug us (every once in awhile Derek would come out), and no mess to clean up. Just a group of girls chatting the night away. Really it was almost dawn when we went to bed! I do not like to make new friends anymore, but these gals are really great and I never have to "go" anywhere or have playdates or get dressed to see them. They are fun and real!

My bed felt really good on Sunday night after the kids came home, we went to Drew's game, picked up some Chinese, and bath time was done. Yes, my bed felt really good indeed!

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Meg said...

an unexpected weekend alone - priceless!