Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playdate Fun

I avoided the entire last school year without having a playdate for Drew with any of his little school friends. Honestly, I do not have the time. If that makes me a 'mean mommy' then so be it. Those that read my blog know my kids are never bored, but dang a playdate with a new kid takes a lot of time! Especially, if a parent comes. I am also not ready for Drew to go to a house of parents I do not know. That issue with me is still something I am going to have to get over and be honest with new parents. I also really do not want to make any new friends and if that parent is in the mood to make a friend then, well, I have a hard time saying no. Drew never asks for playdates. WHO BROUGHT IT UP TO HIM!! Really, if Drew asked I would have made more of an effort. Connor, Caden, my mothers group, family, and our neighbors seemed to do just fine last year. However, I think the lack of seeing family and Caden and me no longer being in the moms group might have had an effect on him. That, or he really just wants a play date.

So crap... he asked me almost everyday last week and finally I set up a playdate with his little 'best friend' Cameron. They were in kinder together and ended up in the same 1st grade class. Drew was so excited! He talked about it the entire night and morning yesterday. He is just so sweet. Cameron is just as sweet! Cameron walked home with us, had some chocolate milk (my kiddies super excited since they hardly get that), they watched some TV, played in his room & the wii and then it was 3:45. His mom is very sweet and has another child in 7th grade, so she is kind of a pro in this playdate area. Next playdate will probably be soon:)

Poor Drew just wanted to hang out with his BFF, but his dang sister wanted to hang out with them. I finally just had to take her away from them by asking her to clean her room.

Well, she cleaned it. I gave her a big thank you, helped her a little bit more by putting things in the proper places (I am strict about that), gave her a kiss and walked out. I walked back in to Emma rolling around on her rug to music surrounded by some of the girls shoes. She is one funny girl.

What was Lilly doing? Rolling around in the bathtub. She has been taking 2-3 baths a day! I think she misses being in the pool:)

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