Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Connor's Birthday Party

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Two weekends ago was Connor's baseball themed 7th birthday party. The kids dressed up in their baseball gear and we headed to an HB park to play ball! I did not play, of course, but Drew did and had so much fun with his cousin. Lilly even got out there with the help of Auntie Chow and daddy. She loved playing in the outfield and posing for some pictures. Emma, being the total girl that she is cheered from the sidelines while the first game was being played. During the pinata Em did not hit the thing...such a girl! Me, also such a girl, spent a lot of my time in the motor home. What can I say, I am not a fan of parks!

It was a chilly Sunday at the park, but I know Connor had so much fun with all of his baseball friends and Drew. It was a little amazing to me how all of the kids kept tossing balls and playing because they all played games earlier that they just love baseball! I would be sick of it! Now it is only 4 months until Bubby turns 7! I am sad!

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