Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doctor, Doctor

I have been to the doctors more in the past week than the first part of the year! My kids never go, they are never sick enough to. We go for check-ups and that is pretty much it. And people gave me crap for not nursing my children!!

Personally, I love the fancy office with the TV, two computers, and a skylight thing. My kids like the scale! It is a nice digital one that lights up just enough for them to see the numbers change. I told Derek, I hope the girls never mind weighing themselves. I got on the scale and went, "ouch!" Never-mind that!

So, check up for Lil, flu shot for Lil, flu shot for Bubby & Mo, an appointment for me (yikes another scale), and tomorrow a flu shot (I was a little sick so have to go back). Derek gets to go next week. Good thing we do not have to pay a co-pay every time, these are all preventative appointments. We pay way too much money to be charged!

Current weight;

Lilly- 30pds
Emma- 40 pds
Drew- 49.5pds.

Almost 10pds apart each, too funny! Drew was cracking up until the needle popped out and the big boy just melted! Em started screaming when Drew did and Lilly just stood staring. When all was done Lilly said, "I am big momma, I no scream when I got my shot." That was true she did not. When she got her flu shot she looked at the needle, looked at the nurse, then looked at me. One minute later...let out a huge scream and that was it. Pretty good flu shot year for me:) I think it helped that right after Drew and Em's we went to Party City and got their Halloween costumes!

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