Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days of Christmas, or Shows That Is!

At the beginning of the month the girls had 12 shows at their dance studio!  Yes, 12!  It may seem like a lot, but really they love every minute of it.  When it was all done they were very sad.  I, on the other-hand ,was exhausted and still have not recovered!  The theme was Holiday Hopla.  Em was in 6 dances and Lil was in 4.  It was amazing to see the difference in Lilly from this past summer to now.  She is so in to the entire thing!  Em, of course, loved it and did so well!  They also get to hang out with Avah and they LOVE that!  The good thing about being backstage is that you get to take some pictures.  I just told DeAnne's mom that DeAnne is going to have to have to work backstage one time so I do not have to email her all of these pictures!

Then there is Lilly.  This dancing fool will not take a picture where she is standing still, well, at least not in her costume!  

Now... more of her friends and poor Megan holding babies the entire time.  I can not do that anymore.  I always get headaches from holding babies too long...even when my own:)

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There was even family that came to the shows!  Thank you Mia, Suz, Saigo, Grandma, Papa, Hannah, Nana for coming to a shows.

Then at the last show there was a guest..SANTA!  It was hilarious to see adults clap for the man and get so excited by his presence in the room during the finale.  Yes, there were a few kids in the audience, but the excitement was overwhelming!  As told by the pictures below Lilly threw a fit and Mrs. Brenda had to carrier her out.  Emma loved it and so did Drew.  There was even a picture taken of the Youth Co with Santa.  We provided presents for the kids which he passed out, but the pure joy to all was provided from the big man!  

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Farnes Family Four said...

I love all those costumes! I don't think those girls could be any prettier. I especially love the pic of Emma and her little bunny/mouse pose.