Friday, December 7, 2012

Fall Sport Roundup

Last month was the last of the fall sports for the little ones. I have to admit that we were not able to go to any games this season, but if it is makes any difference we REALLY wanted to! I guess that is what happens when you have kids of your own and they start to have busy schd of their own that us as parents have to drive & pick up and this and that. I am so happy that I was able to go to some many soccer/baseball/plays/shows/graduations until this past year or so.

So, when I got to the last of Madi and Connor's games in the same weekend along with Drew's last game and both girls having rehearsal at different times on the same day I was STOKED! I was very impressed with Madi's abilities on the soccer field (not impressed with the traffic out to Corona) and, of course, the All-star Connor speeding around the bases. Now all I have to do is go to one of Saige's shows, Carly's races, Damon's games, Kyle's meets, and one of Max's games, have Hannah over some more and I will feel like a better Auntie:)

Below are pictures of Drew, Madi, and Connor's last games.

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Drew did have a blast this season playing baseball! This was his first season in "Pinto" or "kid pitched" and I must say I am so happy that the shorter/more-layed back season of Fall Ball was his first exposure to this level. He did not get a hit, but walked all of the time, played right field and 2nd base almost every game....but most importantly HE HAD FUN! He had the most fun when he realized that if he just stood there while in the batters box and let the balls go by without swinging that he would get on base. Really it was very smart of him because he scored a lot! But, it was also a little frustrating because he needs to learn to bat. We will see how he does in a few months when spring starts up.

Spring, spring! I always think that the holiday months are busy, but when I have all three kids in sports/dance it is super busy. Last year I was so lucky to have my mom to help and I am sure I will be calling her this spring as well. She goes to all of the the games anyways, so I am sure she will not mind..haha.

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