Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa Please!

One day before I took the girls to ballet we had very important business to attend to.  Letters to Santa!  We usually sit down and have Derek write them for the kids and we walk them to the mailbox, but since the city was putting on a fun program where children could drop off letters to Santa and then receive letters back from him, we had to take up on the opportunity.  So I quickly wrote them for the kids and we headed over, placed them in, took a lovely picture, smiled at the staff, went to ballet and a few days later we got three personalized letters from the big guy.  They loved having Derek read aloud about what Santa was going to do on Christmas and how he was going to visit our street and so on.  Too cute!  Of course, we also did letters with daddy and they in their usual place on the fridge.

The letters.....

This is the first year that we are getting to the EXPENSIVE gifts.  I may have written that last year (I am not going to look it up) and I may write it next year and the next..but right now Drew wanting a DS3thingy, and a new bike..well that is $400 right there!  Em for the longest time wanted a bike and now she does not...woohoo!  It is crazy, crazy the funny stuff they wanted.  Em wanted a Santa hat and Lilly wanted yet another Pillow Pet , which I am sure she will just make a hole in and pull the stuffing out of again!  What is the saying that it is all about the giving?  I guess so, but every year it gets more and more expensive.  Oh, and I started back in Oct!

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