Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street of Lights

For the past two years we have loved to drive along a certain street near us.  This year was the third and we actually WALKED!  Well, Derek and I walked and the kiddos sat in the comfort of the red monster wagon.   Since we went during the first part of the week we did not get to purchase hot chocolate or tamales or have a picture taken with Santa at our car door, but for the first time walking/riding it was a lot of fun.  The neighborhood that we go down has some loops and can get confusing while driving, so walking just a block or two of it let us really enjoy the details.  The below house I had to walk up to, the front room and garage were insane!  Derek asked me if I would be like that one day with all of my Santas.  I said maybe!  haha

There were so many houses like this!  I LOVE it.  It really is the best part of my December.  Funny though, I doubt I would really ever do this to my own house.  Fun to look at, but not to actually have.

What I do not doubt is that my three bugs will never sit in the 'red monster wagon' again.  It makes me so sad!  You should have heard the laughs and comments we got about the bugs sitting in there.  But I wanted some cute pictures dang-it!  haha

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