Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fallen Heros

Do you remember not too long ago the story of the 4 service members that were killed on a float? It was such a tragic story of heroes that then came home to only get killed in such a senseless way. I prayed for the families and thought how horrible it was and went about my days. Than I received an email from my sister Em who lives in NC and was very impressed at how my little niece Hailee, who is really not that little anymore at 11 years old...was growing up to be a very smart/loving/kind and mature young lady. Bobo and I are very proud of her. Thank you my sister for sharing!

Here is my sisters email....

Not sure if you all saw this last week the parade float and train accident. But, one of the men filled lived down the road from us. His son is one of Hailee's school friends plus someone in her "group". You know how those groups go...see each other at sporting events and "hang out". Anyways, Hailee has been talking and texting Shane, seeing how he has been doing. Which at first I was skeptical of, I didn't want her to say the wrong thing. Secondly, I though is she really mature enough to handle talking to another child about death, and then the death of his own father. But, her and her friends have been amazing. She hasn't shyed away from talking to him....which I would add I would totally do..She wrote him a beautiful card last night. I'm just so proud of her. Below is a link to an article about the family and even a video....thats Mr. Stouffers daughter and his brother. At the end of the video you can see a picture of the whole family. Shane told Hailee he would miss hunting and camping with his dad.

Just so very very sad

Here is a link to the article about Stouffers.


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MRSB said...

We never give our children enough credit to be able to handle such "adult" matters. They always prove us how wrong we can be.