Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tamale Party!

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The kids and I had a fun time at the Tamale Festival.  Last year just Drew, Lil and I were able to go due to dance, but this year the four of us went (maybe next yr the 5 of us can go) to win fish, eat ice cream, play hot potato, watch balloons fly away, and listen to music.  

Soooo, the kids and I headed over to downtown for exactly 1 hour (I kid you not) before the girls had to meet their call time for one out of 12 shows they performed over 9 days.  As we walked quickly up and down the quarter mile length of the festival the kiddies got balloons, Drew won a fish, and a vendor I have been looking forward to seeing since last year was THERE! 

Ya, so much fun!  However, the balloons ended up flying away, the ice cream vendor did not have my flavor, and Drew's fish died!  Other mentionables... #1 we had fun, #2 Drew almost own a prize from Radio Disney, #3 I ate some-sort of bubblegum flavored ice cream, #4 did I mention we had fun! 

Not the best pictures above of Emma, but ya know she is still the cutest little gal around!  They were taken while she was trying to look at me and a balloon flying away and hitting some wires at the same time!  She was so worried about it.   I was not worried about the entire thing until I realized that we were sitting under a stoplight!  That sucker could have fallen down at any point!  haha

Downtown.....until next year!

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