Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cali Christmas!

I am not quite sure if I will ever get use to winters in CA.  Yes, I have lived here almost my entire life and as of right now would never leave....but really, tank top weather while putting up Christmas lights?  Something is just PLAIN WRONG with that!

The weekend following Thanksgiving we 'threw up' Christmas and now that I am finally done (it took me a few weeks to get done..not that I have a ton, but I am a busy lady:)) and we have started to put the heater on I am starting to think of Winter as being 'almost' here.  Seriously, we had the neighborhood over at our place watching TV, playing Wii, having a picnic outside, helping me unpack my over dozen boxes of decor, and I had to stop half way through the day because it got way too warm outside to continue.  So warm outside that I was cracking up at all of the males putting up lights and swearing they will all wait until Christmas Day next year to do so, due to the heat.  However, you know that their wives (and myself) will never left that happen!  haha!

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Meg said...

It is a little strange seeing the "summer" clothes in Christmas pics! Hey can you send me your mailing address, por favor? Thanks!