Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beautiful Weekend & Some Strange Weather

Over the Presidents Day weekend we had some BEAUTIFUL weather in SoCal.  Saturday was in the 80's and on Sunday it was in the 70's with a breeze that allowed for the kite's first flight of the year.  I was trying to get a picture of the kite with the moon next to it, but it was not taking very well from my phone.  It was such a nice weekend!  Not too busy or slow...I got to clean out my car and the kids got to play and ride bikes.  Which was good because on Tuesday it was COLD and rainy!  

**abe, bonnet lady, george**
But before it was beautiful we had some HAIL!  Insane! 

We got stuck inside of Walmart, yes I go there every once in awhile..don't tell anyone.  Lilly was not very happy with the loud thunder and bright lighting striking in the parking lot.  The hail was INSANE and lasted for so long that once it was all done it looked like a layer of snow!  Unfortunately it was all done within 15min and by the time we got to the car it was melted.  Thank goodness the other two babies were not with us because Em would have screamed her head off.  Well, at least I thought she would have, but nope she was just watching it from her classroom.  STRANGE, STRANGE, STRANGE!


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