Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grandpa's Visit!

My dad came to visit!  I am not sure the last time we saw my dad, but I am thinking it was a long time ago.  That is sad, but with him in MA and my sisters in NC, this will be happening more.  Anyways, he came on Superbowl (first time in forever we did not have a party) and left on Wed.  The kids loved to sit with him, we went to one of the girls dance classes (I do not think he is into, but he is sweet), and stayed with the them at the park while at Drew's practice one night while I was at a meeting.  I left him with just a few blankets but he braved the 50degree weather.  I thought he would be freezing, but I was wrong because he is really use to it, living in Ma.  My girls did not even notice.  Funny girls!  Other than that we did not really do anything.  My dad works at night and works a ton, so him sitting on the couch and hanging out with 3 of the 6 grand-kids was perfect for him!  I just did my normal thing and catering to him.  Derek even watched a movie with him, Coolhand Luke, and Derek liked that because it reminded him of his time with his own dad.  That was touching.  I know my dad enjoyed himself:)

But the best part of it all was......
Grandpa taught Em how to tie her shoes!  Just like he taught me, oh so long ago!  She was so excited and only wants to wear "tie" shoe/clothes.  Her legs look so tiny and dry in this pictures.  Heck, she was getting ready for school:)  That day when I picked her up from school her teacher told me all about how Em was untying and tying her shoes.  To the point where she had to tell Em to stop:)  Just like she had to with performing the splits!  Love it!

We were said to see my dad leave, but it was so nice to see him!  Now I have a current picture of him with the kiddos:)  Love ya daddy!

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