Monday, February 11, 2013

Chemo & A Party Complete!

First set of pics...I just think are cute!

However, the real reason for this post is to share how wonderful two women are in Emma's kindergarten class.  First, there is Kaci.  She is real sweetheart and I tell her she is, but she will not give just herself the credit, but Jesus.  She is a very kind person and I am happy that I talked myself into letting a few new friends into my life.  I AM SO AGAINST that and have been for a few years.  Alas, I did it and even from a my guarded distance I find it nice to have just a few ladies I can talk to when dropping Em off and to go to the park with every once in awhile.  

Second, Julie!  I really do not know her very well, but through school  I have gotten to know her a bit and really like her and her son.  We had a party to celebrate her completion of  CHEMO and her CANCER free status!  It was a 'hair' themed party and since it was going to rain when we wanted to do it, I offered to have it at my house.  The best was that it was a SURPRISE and Julie had no idea.  I have to say that when she got a little choked up I had to walk away rather quickly because I was going to break down.  I just could not image going through that at such a young age and deal with the thought of not seeing my babies get older.  Makes me want to cry just thinking about it.  Kaci, provided a gift consisting of hair products and a plant.  Julie was very excited to have the plant.  It will be her first since completion of chemo, because you can not have them in your home during chemo.  Like I said I do not know her very well, but she can sport a wing pretty damn well and she is very eager to see how her hair grows back!

Of course, the kids were there.  I thought the party would only go a little after we picked up the older kids from school, but it ended up lasting until 4:30!  Almost four hours...that was long since we all had so much to do still that day!  The kids had so much fun playing in the rooms, in the closed garage, running around shooting each other with Nerf guns, and of course playing dress up.  Only one injury, of course it was Em who got shot in the eye with one of those really hard Nerf disk dart thingy.  Her eye got all puffy and she got upset.  Isn't there a saying for parties and getting hurt?  

**Julie is the one sitting next to me.  Blurry is what happens sometimes when a 2nd grader takes the pics!**

**On a fun side note Emma's love (aka Alex) mom and I hung out for a bit and drank a few glasses of wine until Mar and I went to dinner.  Needless to say...I was a tired momma on Friday night when I got home.  that was okay though because Derek and I got away this past weekend and I loved sleeping for 14hrs in a Cali King!**   
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Kaci Mae said...

Oh! You wrote about our party! Yay! I'm so glad! It was so special. Now I know what you and Fabiola were up to after we left...I was wondering :) I'm glad you had a good weekend with a party and lots of people and then a relaxing getaway. I need to go check out the GPOC! Bring me next time!