Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So Long, No Time Away!

Of course, our children come first.  That is why we have not gone 'away' with each other in nearly 3.5 years.  We have kids gone for a night here or there but never go "away."  Funny thing about going away this time is that we stayed right up the street from were we were at in LA oh so long ago for Kelly & Amanda's wedding.  Derek and I do not even like LA, but a free beautiful room is a free beautiful room.  

After Linda took the kids for the night day we went to cocktail hour.    

 Then we started walking and going down the Bunker Hill in a street car thingy (I do not know the name) that scared me to death.  It was so fast and Derek was sitting in front where I thought he was going to fly out.

 Walking up the hill, once off the car, we saw many of the wonders of LA.  See there are many, starting with #1- Trash...oh so much of it that one could make a piece of art.  Oh wait I think people do that:)  #2 - I do not care if this sounds horrible to some...but the wonders of the homeless.  Many are mentally disabled, so I do not blame them at all.  It is just a little scary to walk down the street with no cars and people circling a fire. "Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?   #3- I love the bike that is still locked to the pole missing many of the important parts.  Thank was worth stopping and taking a picture of.
What was also a picture worth taking was Derek walking up Bunker Hill (another direction) with a case of Bohemia.  In true Derek fashion he 'knows' where he goes and for some reason (maybe love?) we always follow him and I just walk and let it happen.  Really it leads us to the most interesting places.  But after my shoes started to make a dent in my foot and our third trip back to the hotel I just went ahead and asked for help and bammmmmm, we were at an Irish Pub in downtown followed by our walk back, bed and Heroes for lunch before we picked the kids back up.  Which, of course, none of them wanted to really go home.  Lilly, maybe a little:)  
Derek and I had a great time and even though our 'away' time are few and extremely far between, I love them.  We literally did nothing but walk and just like our family trips he is becoming more aware that no matter how long they are, at least we are together.  **Dear Lord, help me not to eat bread or drink another beer EVER!!!**

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