Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Park!

Day off of school?  What to do?  Why, go to the Great Park of OC of course!  As you can tell by so many of my posts I am INLOVE with the GPOC.  I love all of the stuff they have to do there.  In fact, this year they are adding a Giant Chess Set to the park.  How cool is that!  The park is constantly changing for the better, what will it be like when it is all done?  Will they then charge an arm & a leg like everything else in Orange County?  I love the area we live in, but sometimes it is just so expensive!  Taking up on what the park has to offer while it is free is a must for me and the fam.  Since we did not have school today Suzie and I met there for a picnic.  Since Suzie had not been there since Hannah was a baby (she is 4 1/2 now) I had planned on heading on the balloon and carousel, but everything was CLOSED!  Argh!  Now I know that in the off season things are not open on M-W.  Oh well, next time.  We did have fun.  

On the Kid Rock, the kids loved to play!  

 On the field, Connor & Drew lost Hannah's ball over the fence!
 Look at my baby, so big!
 Look at the boys!
Drew got pissed at me (yes, I am using that word) when Connor had to go to the restroom and he would not take a picture.  Oh well, I took one anyways!  haha, momma will always win!
 Again, look at those boys!
 Looking at a phone...
 Taking a picture of themselves.  What is next for tech!  They are seven!
 Of course, love the bike shaped bike rack:)

 Oh and the regular shaped bike racks!

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