Monday, February 11, 2013

Uncle Clint was Here!

Uncle Clint, Uncle Clint!  The kids were so excited to see Uncle Clint a few weeks back.  They did a double take in the hotel then gave huge hugs.  It is always strange to me how I/we do not see many people in my family for so long, yet when I do see them it is as though the long gaps in which I do not see them never happened?  Is that strange or is that family?

It had been since June that I had seen Clint and Nov 2011 since Derek had.  So long ago it seems and now that they are back in NC with a 8 month old I am sure the rather frequent visits from Patty will no longer be happening.  I understand, but it does stink.  So, when I got word that Clint was going to be in Barstow for a few days, I made arrangements to take the kids to see him.  Derek would have loved to go, but work comes first.  Yes, work...that dang thing he has to do to keep me home with the babies.  Oh well.  The great thing about having all of my sisters at home with their kids is that everyone in my family understands when a husband has to be absent at things:)  Anyways, I threw out my back (yes, after my flu was done my back went out and I was all hopped up on drugs that made me very sick!)  and thank goodness Brian (aka, stepdad, Papa) could and wanted to go with us to see Clint!  He drove, while I slept, out to the nowhere land of Barstow.  Heck at least there was a Chilis nearby to eat at.  My kids behaved horribly at dinner, so embarrassing.  I think maybe it was all of the drugs or something, but I was not a happy camper myself.  Regardless, to see Clint was worth the trip and when he comes back in a few months I really hope that he will have time to see us and maybe my children will be behave and my back will not be thrown:)

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