Monday, January 10, 2011

Drew Has Game?

Drew started basketball and I have to say he has improved from last year. He led the group of kids in running, actually dribbled the ball, stretched without horsing around, and ACTUALLY made a few baskets! Derek had to work and his others buddies are not playing this round, but he loved it just the same and looks forward to next week.

The girls watching bubby:)


MRSB said...

Who knows maybe Andy will make some new friends. Emma is great in her glasses and LP with her plug.

Rebecca Titone said...

So Cute! He looks great out there. And the girls look like they love watching their guy!
Signing up the twins for the YMCA basket ball, but it doesn't start till February. A little nervous, because it will over lap with T-ball.

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

He looks so big. And I love that pic of Emma.