Monday, January 31, 2011

What the Birthday Boy wants, he gets!

Birthday day, he had to work:(
Birthday night, had a tequila shot with the neighbor, then Don Jose, in bed by 10pm!
Birthday 'the next day', Derek went and did this

*he made the shots in the center of the head and chest, the other guy did the outside shots and got really mad a Derek!:)*

Then went to a 'boys only' birthday party for Caden who turned five the day before.
It was held at Rider Makerz in Downtown Disney and from what Derek said it was so much fun to have some guy time. Of course girls can do this as well, but Drew was super excited to have some time with just 'the boys!'

While Derek was playing with guns and cars, I had to clean, cook, decorate (which I did not do), get the house and the girls ready for mine and Derek's side Family Day which included Derek's birthday dinner. Chili and salad was on the menu and we think everyone had a good time. Linda was the first to get here and the last to leave which meant that I had way to many glasses of this! haha

and this

So, when I write what the birthday boy wanted he got I mean it because he got to shoot a gun, build a car, get his favorite Mexican food, hang out with his family, then have Chinese food yesterday, buy a video game, and stay up late all because....well, he turned 33! Happy birthday honey and just remember that when my birthday comes around I want to go to Orange Hill, get a new purse, sleep all day, NOT have a party that I will have to cook and clean for and may spend some time away from everyone getting my hair/nails/face waxed/a massage:) Love you!!


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Happy Birthday Derek! The big 3-3!

Rebecca Titone said...

Happy B-Day to Derek! What a great wife you are for such a wonderful birthday week!