Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Meetings

Some may not like this post, but this is life....well, ours at least!

This week meet...drum roll....the boy who can pee normal!!

He is very happy about doing this,

To this,

Something has got to be wrong with my camera, because these pictures are not the best! Anyways, Drew called the item he is holding "a poker" and hated the thing. Wouldn't you if someone was poking your 'ya know' 2x a day then once a day for 2 weeks! Our poor baby! My poor big boy Derek...he hated this entire process. Of course, mommy has to be strong...but I hated it too. Now if the stitches would fall out, that would be great!

So now my walls and trash can can stay clean and Drew will not have to worry about spraying his pants when he gets to use the 'bigger boy' potty at ballgames!!


The Titone - Perez Family said...

I am so happy for Drew! (and you and Derek too) There is nothing worse than your baby being in pain, or uncomfortable. He was so brave. Glad it will be over after those stitches fall out. xoxo

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...


MRSB said...

Praise be! Now your trash can can stay dry. I'm glad Drew was able to throw out "the POKER"