Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Tiny Dancer

After two very long days of dancing

Avah (DeAnne's daugher) is the 4th child from the right

Em is the second over from the right...so not a good picture

After months of practice Emma did her Fox Hunt dance for all to see! She was one of the leaders of her dance and did such a great job. Some may think, "she is only three what a big deal is that?" Well, yes she is only three...but infront of a theater that can hold 400 people and how she kept crying for weeks before hand....she did it, yes, she did it! I was so nervous and freaked out that she would be crying or not dance! Ms. Brenda has done so much work with her to make her a leader, so to have to her not do it at all would have just been...well, so sad! The first night she did it right on and the second could have been better. Just to see her do it without crying, hanging out with her friends, for us to see our friends, and to view some 'to be professionals' from the academy was fantastic!


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Adorable and those costumes are AWESOME!

Rebecca Titone said...

I wish my girls would stick with dance so I can have picture like that. Emma is such a doll, I am so proud of her!