Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! I picture above is not from New Years Eve, but I thought it was fitting. Last year I had the flu, which I got from Em and I gave it to Patty. This year the five of us were sick with colds. I got the worst of it with a super sore throat. I had one drink at 12:00am and went to bed.

Even though we were all sick the kids had a great time watching TV and hanging out. We all watched the east coast count down at 9 from our bed! WOW, how different life is! haha. After kisses and hugs we got the kids to bed, watched Tosh.O, Zohan then I went to bed. It was what it was.

Resolutions? What were yours? Mine, to be a better person. Derek said that he had none because to set himself up for failure was not worth it. I think he has a point.



Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

I agree with Derek. haha. Oh and I was in bed by 9 as well.

Rebecca Titone said...

Happy New Year! I made it till 10:30, then passed out. And was sober... booo!

Meg said...

Isn't Tosh O hilarious?! my resolution is to relax. I think all wives/moms/women could use a little of that!

MRSB said...

I make the same resolution each and every year. So keeping with tradition my New Year's resolution is "I'm not making one". I was in bed about 10 myself. I've spoken to many people with and without kids and it seems like it was a quite year for most. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!