Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tackle Tuesday

Since I have been just HORRIBLE about blogging (I seem to say that a lot and really must stop) I had a tackle this past Tuesday that was great!

The kids have been driving me crazy and I am really trying to be a more patient mommy and wife. Jen gave me an idea to put rocks into a jar/cup as rewards for behavior. I have done this with stickers and charts, but I need to go a step further with my 'out of hand children!' I kid you not...out of hand!

So, I got three buckets from the Gabba party. I filled one with all of the marbles, had an empty one for Drew-Drew, and an empty one for Mo. Since I started this on Tuesday Mo only has 4 and Drew has 5. Reason for the lack of marbles??? I make the kids put in and take out marbles for good and not-so-good (aka, bad). This seems to be working for us and has even helped Em with her time-outs and sleeping in her own bed. I think having them physically put in/take out the marbles is making them more accountable. To get the first prize they only need to get to 10. I will update when that actually happens:)

It is working for us:)


MRSB said...

I think it's a great idea having the kids put in and take out their own marbels. Doing the physical action for good and not good behavior will stay in their minds much longer.

Elisa said...

OMG! I'm doing that too, except I call it the "good choice jar" I guess that is the teacher in me. So far it's working well. Let me know how it goes.