Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

Not laying in my "oh so" comfy bed

while the kids take a "rest" is my tackle this Tueaday.
My bed during this time of day is where I hope the kids would all fall asleep, where I listen to classical music and my box fan, where I count backwards, where I then pray for a little rest. That sounds so good as I type!!!!

So why would I choose not to just lay? Oh... I have so much to do in little time, I took a nap everyday for the past week or so and really need to stop. I do not think I am even that tired. OMG, I think I sound like a toddler:) Instead I will make doctor appointments, fold laundry and plan Derek's birthday. However, it does not help that all of my material to do the above is right next to my bed!!!!!

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