Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's Get This Tea Party Started

Last week after Patty left, my dad came! No wonder I am so tired, I have been entertaining! The quote of the week between grandpa and Em was, "let's get this tea party started!" Here is a picture to show the good time they had together.

My dad pulled out stuffed animals, other toys, hats from Drew's room to play with the girls. Em was in love and obsessed with him! She always asked where grandpa was and what he was doing. When he was not in his room she asked where he was at and why was he not having a tea party with her. It was not until Derek's day off, Sunday, that she gave him some breathing room. I think grandpa was a little hurt by the lack of affection...he understood though.
As much as my dad may drive me (and my sisters) crazy he is a good grandpa. A visit every six month seems to be working for us because when he is here it is all about him and the kids. He helps watch the kids (Derek and I went out for the first time by ourselves in a VERY long time...we had no clue what to do or where to go!) and I really do not have to worry (he had three of his own anyways, right?), he is game for anything, loves to eat whatever I make, and helps discipline the kids yet never crosses the line. Derek and him talk about common interests and the two of us gossip.

..............................................(Teren I am copying you:))

One day we went to the Yanks Air Museum. Even though we meant to go to another one, it was interesting to see all of the old planes. The planes ranged from the beginning of flight to current, but focused on older. All of the planes are restored and FAA approved for flight. I was disappointed that we went to the wrong museum, but happy how we drove by the prison (I am very strange) and knew that we would be back again to see an air show.


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

That is the cutesy pic of Miss Lillian. Oh and ya for great grandpas (and copy me ALL you want!) haha

Rebecca Titone said...

That was supper cool! The kids loved looking at all the plains in you pictures. And kudos to you daddy! What a fantastic tea party.