Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thinking and Crying

While Drew does his "homework" of coloring him snowmen for reading, Em insists on coloring next to him, and Lillybug sleeps I thought I would look at some friends blogs (it is so much fun!)

So I ventured to my friend Michelle's and just broke down crying!

Then I remembered I never posted this. Michelle (SIL)sent this out on Christmas Eve to the family. She played it when Pa passed and we were all there. Still so sad.

a href="">

Pa was not my father, but I can only imagion what it is like to lose a parent when you are both so young. Lilly will never know the man who just loves his girls, Drew will not get to be embarrassed by Papa yelling at his sporting events, Em will never get to make Papa wear a girly hat or bowa. So much to write