Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kaitlyn B's Tea Party

So, a funny story. Derek always told me about this girl that he bought the soundtrack to 'The Bodyguard' for when he was in high school. Well, I always thought the story was cute and a few years back I found out that it was a friend of mine that I had not seen in a few years, Tami! So, when I found that out and Tami started taking her daughter, Kaitlyn to the same studio as my girls...I started laughing and now it is a big joke. However, I am not sure I have told Derek how much we joke about it! I do not think he would find it as funny as I do.

Anyways, we have become dance friends and Emma was very excited to be invited to another of Kaitlyn's birthday parties! This year it was at Tea & Teacups. It is a cute shop up the street from us that not only sells and serves high tea, but hosts parties. Tami had her baby shower there when she was pregnant with Kaitlyn, so how cute is it that Kait was having her birthday party there with all of her little dance friends! Ms. Sam even came!

There was a mommy table and the kids sat at another. There were at least 5 different tea choices for the moms, lunch was served, followed by dessert. The girls were served lemonade in teacups, had lunch consisting of pp&j/gold fish/fruit, and a cupcake for dessert. The kiddies felt like such big girls! The few hours we were there flew by and Kait got some awesome gifts!

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