Sunday, July 15, 2012

I hope everyone had a great 4th of JULY! I am hoping that that everyone thought about what a great country we live in, what our founders fought for, and what our troops fight for today.

With that being said, how about some fireworks!

This year was VERY low key for the Lee family. We had plans of going to the 10 am HB Parade, which the kids go to every year, hang out at the HB Lee's until 1ish then come come to where I would cook and then head over to Veterans Park for fireworks.

Well, I do not think Derek remembers who he married when it comes to 'am wake up calls!' If the alarm is not going off for at least 20min then I will go back to sleep and prob not wake up until at least 9! So as you can probably deduct, we did not go to the parade (good thing we never told the kids we were going), hence no HB Lee house for a few hours. Instead, I woke up at around 10am, cooked home made beans, potato salad, and ribs. I was in the kitchen from 10:30am until 5pm. So, when I think about it I am glad we did not go to the beach...I never would have gotten my cooking done.

Strange that I write the last sentence, a little. Nowadays I take such pride in my cooking. There are few things that I make over and over anymore. For example my ribs...I have only make the same recipe once. I love it. My goal for the 4th was to make my family homemade everything....I did it. However, I did not get to dessert! I was tired by the time we headed up the street to the park for the fireworks.

Besides being totally stuffed from dinner, we had to be in a packed park with the rest of YL! I had not been to this firework show since right out of high school and Derek since he was in high school (we are 32 & 34). But now that we have kids that will watch fireworks, or so we thought, we really wanted to go with our community to watch the tribute to our country. Derek saw people that he knew and I saw a few that I knew. It was strange. We live in Ca, which is such a big state and yet we live in such a small city!

So, the fireworks. What can I say that will not have people think it was the most stressful evening ever!

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