Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Birthday Fun Day

A girlfriend of mine that I have not seen in about 3 years invited our family to her daughter's 5th birthday party. She invites me to stuff and I her, but it never works out. I think life got busy and bam she had one kid I did not know about and I had
one she did not know about. Difference, she has 4 and I have 3. I really thought she only had 3! That was a little embarasing on my part, but a great conversation topic at the party! We had a great time and I am so happy to see Laurie and her family. Out of everyone I met though working at Chili's she was always my favorite. GO BEACH!

Later that day was Issac. He is our neighbor and our babysitter's dad, oh and Drew's 'big friend' dad. We always go to the Concerts In the Park during the summer, so when we were asked once again to join the G's there for Issac's birthday it was a no brainer.

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