Saturday, July 14, 2012


About a week or so before Fathers Day Derek asked if we could go to Hero's to meet Billy and his family for an early lunch. I am always up for Hero's and it had been I think since Halloween since we were there, so why not! Well, 1.5 hours later, 5 wiggly kids later, and me hungry...not a good combo!

It was very nice to see Billy and his family and the last time we saw them was by accident at Hero's...oh his twins are so dang cute... next year we will either get there at 10 or at 3ish!

I have only met Kristi, Billy's wife, I think 3 or four times but she is very nice and such a good mama! I really do smile and shake my head when I think about her working, handling Billy and taking care of those precious twins! I am in awe! Derek has known Billy forever and me for what seems like the same amount of time and I have always liked that Derek was/has been pushed by Billy to play hardball and I really wish that he would pick it up again. Then again, he would not be able to work if he hurt himself and that has been the reason since Drew was born. Derek is so good!

I do think he would be in the senior league now...hahahahahaha!!!

Then off to get Daddy some new golf clubs. Then again, I really do not know what he was getting. The kids had a great time looking around and hitting the putt-putt. However, Derek is a lefty and his section was SO TINY! Let me put it this way; he is a lefty so his area is located by the ladies and kid clubs and is literally 3x3 ft. My poor husband! He really wanted those three new clubs..once again I do not know what they are called or why because his are perfectly fine! Ten again he got them 7 years ago, so maybe in golf-talk that means he needs new ones?? As of late he is golfing once a month and maybe that is it too? I do not get it. Well, he did not get them there because they would have had to order them from two different states and who knows who long that would have taken, so the next day he went to another place and got them. Oh, I have to mention, I told him to go to the second place first...but NOOOOOO!

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