Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hannah Turned 4!!

Our babies are getting older and older. It makes me sad, because the time is really flying by so fast. For example, Em is at ballet, Drew is across the street playing with his friends, and Lilly is eating strawberries playing with her dollhouse. Where did the time go? But, hell no, no more babies for me! I leave that up to everyone else! haha
Well, Hannah (dale and suzie's daughter) turned 4 at the beginning of June! She was the tiniest thing when she was born, now look at her!

The theme was Hello Kitty, which I swear is like crack to all girls younger than 10, and Suzie did a great job with the decor/snacks/cake/entertainment and as always the love of her house when you are a guest. From what I am told it has always been there. I believe it!

The weather was perfect..even though there was a fire that could have meant 'all inside' but did not...and the friends that Hannah & Connor have met through ballet and baseball were welcomed guests and so much fun to meet! Even though Drew had 3 bloody noses (I think it was one that would not stop) Uncle Dwayne was there to help and the girls loved the bounce house. So much fun.

Suzie always throws a great party...oh and Dale too:)

As always, Carly slept for most of the party! love her, but she does sleep a ton!

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