Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Schools Out For Summer!

So much fun! Really, so much fun!

Our neighbors had a funeral to go to on the last day of school, so they asked me to pick up two of their kids from school and watch them for a bit after school.

So in true Sara fashion I watched them for a bit!!

We went to Epic Noodle, Yogurt Town, played around a bit, watched a movie, and really had a great time. I am thinking this will be a regular thing with my kids on their last day of school. I already do it for the first day of school, so why not the last!


Yes, the last day of school was a blast and we loved his teacher and are so excited for Drew to go to first grade at this great school, but at the beginning it was not that way. Mama went to many meeting about Drew and how he needed to put forth an extra effort in school. I was not surprised by this because he has just learned to ride his bike on two wheels, walked at 17months, just learned how to hit a baseball and is struggling to swim with full force. That is Drew-Drew!

But ya know, he passed with the highest marks, and his teacher was so excited at how it CLICKED for him in February. It was a long process of two hours a day with extra work for Drew.. on top of baseball and mama taking the girls to ballet...but he did it! I will never forget this last year with Drew!

Oh and a week or so later...this is what our block of kids do. They make themselves into aborigines with chalk!

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