Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auntie is SAD!

A few weeks back I handed the kids over to Kels and Michelle to head up to Patty's for the last time. Not only am I sad to not see Monterey every couple of months, but to not see my new newphew grow up the way that I saw Ty and Hailee. Even now it strikes a nerve with me.

If you can believe it I really did drive 7 hours all by myself with no kids! It was the most relaxing, at times boring, drive I have ever had! I only stopped for gas and a quick bite to eat. No Madonna or Anderson's this trip (well, on the way back I did stop into Anderson's). It was a very strange feeling with no kids in my car. One time I had to call Derek to confirm that I was really driving this far away from my family all by myself. I have gone places without them, but I think Palm Springs and downtown Fullerton does not count. Oh yes, I have gone back east and up to see Patty without all three...but I usually bring one with me:)

Auntie's trip was a quick one! I literally drove up there early in the morning, hung out with this cute little man that gained 3pds in the few weeks since I saw him last...

I just love that little boy! Patty and Clint I love too, btw! When I got there Pat and I went to do some errands, grabbed some lunch, and then I left. I was there for 3 hours and then I left....yes, I left! I just wanted to give hugs and say goddbye the way that I always have with both of my sisters when they move. I do not care how quick the hug may be or how long the drive is. With a new baby I do not know the next time I will see any of them. Even though I am sad they are gone, I am grateful that she will be close enough to where Em and her family live to share holiday's and weekends together.

Enough with the sappy stuff!

Then I was off on my way down south to SLO to visit Mike and have him take me out on the town! It was a Monday and a rather boring night, according to him, but I loved it! Just to get out in a new city that I really do not know much about. I really did like it! The slight hangover I had the next day was worth it:) Mike was a great host and I can not wait to go up there next time...I hope Derek comes next time!

Really who can complain of the view! This the way for most of the 101!

Oh, but how sad is my normal picture at Anderson' one is in it!

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