Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting Their Pretty On!

How long did it take to try to get descent pictures of Lilly with Em showing off their 'nudies' prior to getting their pictures taken at the dance studio in their costumes...well, a lot! The video is not uploading, but it took longer than it should have to get a few shots.

Anyhoo, the girls loved getting their hair dried, then put into buns, a little blush and lipstick was applied to their cutie-pie cheecks. From what I am told, but have yet to see, the pictures turned out super cute and they even got both of the girls together in a few! I can not wait to see them!


Since I am posting pictures of the girls and ballet here are a few from Dec 2011 (I just got them off of my phone) when Emma was in The Nutcracker. She had 3 or 4 dances I think. She was sooo good and even had her first 'pairing' with Ethan. The studio did not tell us, so when I saw it during the 'solider' dance I was shocked! She looked so pretty! I am looking forward to this next performance in a few weeks. Em is in 14 dances this time!

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