Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stater Bros!

Why any person would do their food shopping anywhere else is dumbfounding to me. Stater Bros is the place to go for the best prices without having to deal with card and all the coupon stuff. If you shop somewhere else, try Stater's.

So when my MOMS Club went to Stater's for a store tour I WOULD NOT pass it up!

The kids and I are there a few times a week stocking up on the fruit (that they can not get enough of) so to go 'behind the scenes' was so much fun for them. We even got a 'cookie card.' The cookie card was the best thing ever! During the tour they got cookies, fruit stripes, a chance to hear alarms go off, watch fork lift be used, go into freezers & refrigerators, some meat to eat, and the awesome chance to see a thick piece of meat be sawed...that dang COOKIE CARD WAS KING!

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