Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mad Dog Turned 5!

How fast our girls are growing! My bestie, that I never see (along with many of my other friends) has the prettiest little girl and has such a wonderful attitude! I swear Madi is the nicest little girl! Em and Madi may never get to see each other, but they know each other and when they are together they click like many besties do! Madi is just a few weeks older than Em and of course we would not have missed her birthday party! I am very happy that I got to see Sara 2 twice in the past month and she was the awesome hostess that she always is. However, I was very sad to not see her in the 'Hello Kitty' t-shirt Madison picked out for Sara to wear during her birthday party. I swear "Hello Kitty" is all the rage! Happy birthday Madi!

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