Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend Warriors!

Give us a challenge and we will meet/exceed! The weekend after the girls performance was super busy! We have not had a weekend like that in awhile and it was nice to get out and see some of our friends that we have not seen in awhile. Everyday life is always so busy. I have mentioned this before, but my best friend lives 1 mile away and I never see her!

Saturday started with Cash's birthday party...he turned two! It was very hot and thank goodness his parents had blow up pools like they did last year. If you have a party in July at 11am -4pm there must be shade and water for the kids. Cash LOVES Elmo, so no surprise that the theme was that. There was even a TV set up outside for the kids to watch when not hanging out in the water.

While opening up the million presents Cash got from loved ones and friends I paid Mia $5 to watch the kids sit while I ran to the store. I love going to parties on our street! I went to the store to get stuff for our next outing, DeAnne's house for a BBQ.
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Since it was very hot that particular Saturday Derek worked longer than normal and met up with us over at The Christopher's. When he got there he joined loud kids that were full on cookies & BBQ and parents enjoying some great wine and company. It was hilarious how we talked about ballet even though we have so many other things to talk about! It is also strange to me that even though DeAnne had Nate (he was missing this night) when were in high school she has two more kiddos that play with my kiddos. Still so strange!
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Another birthday party! My family is invited to a bunch of parties, especially birthday. We do say no to many because it can get pricey and overwhelming, but when Mari from ballet asked what day the girls were free and then cheered that her daughter, Katrina, would have her first 'friend' birthday party...well, we had to make a point to go.

It was HOT that day. It felt warmer because her house was literally the last house in YL before Chino Hills/Corona. I can not stress how HOT it was there! Kids were sweating, parents were sweating, both jumpys were hot and difficult to slide/bounce on, and the kids became a little grumpy. We were not there that long, but it was nice to hang out with some new friends that, well lets face it, I see more that my own family!


Awe, then relaxation at night! Blankets, popcorn, pillows, fold out chairs, a movie, and some 'adult beverages' helps make the Monday chaos a little more bearable for many people on our street. This time we watched The Lorax. I have to say, not a fan of the movie and I do not think it was holding the little one's attention as well as other movies, but it was cute. Cash is big enough now to hang outside with us and he was super cute while he jumped and laughed really loud during funny parts of the movie. Lilly did great laying next to Pooka. Emma ate what seemed like three bags of popcorn!

We are hoping that ParaNorm will be out for Halloween Movie Nite!

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