Friday, August 17, 2012

Argh, VBS

Why take a break! Prep for the family reunion, performance rehersals, life in general, family reunion, back from that at 2am and headed to Whitter for the weekend at 11am, done with that then...bam!! VBS and sleepovers! I should have titled our blog, "how much stuff can a family fit into their lives that will cause you shake your head and mutter they/she are/is crazy!"

Em and Drew were suppose to go to VBS at the same time, different grades, at a local church the day after the performance was done for the girls. Well, Em did not move her little body Monday morning and lightly said, "mommy I am so tired," which I then told Derek who was still on vacation, "I guess you can exhaust a child."

Well, no VBS for Em, but Drew was so excited to go hang out with his friend Caden. Last year we had both of our boys at another VBS and from that experience I made it our home church. However, the VBS there was the same week we were out of town, so when Jen asked if I wanted to sign Drew up for this particular VBS I agreed. However, this was not what I wanted! Argh, VBS!

I am happy that Drew had a friend there to share in waterslides and seeing '1st graders accept Christ into their hearts' (really that did happen) but this VBS was not for me or my family. I saw many people that I grew up with bringing their children there and when asked what their kids liked the most about VBS they all said the water slides. That is not acceptable to me. Like preschool, I do not need a babysitter...I wanted my child to learn about Christ while having fun.. Not love the 'ZAPPED' neon sign, waterslides, the two-story building, or the movie cameras that were there. I am way to much of a traditionalist when it comes to religion. I almost pulled him out, but once I realized I would be taking him away from the HUGE, I MEAN HUGE waterslides I decieded to let him stay and ignore all the other stuff.

I told Jen that we will not be doing it there next year.

So why not continue the water fun! That week Jen and I also signed the boys up for a full filled "Wet & Wild" three hours through the city. I grabbed McKenna for the few hours we with out the boys and Jen was able to get ready for their RV trip down south.

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