Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lee Family Reunion!

Lake Shasta 2012! 5 days of of the Lee Family having fun and loving almost every moment of it! We all can not wait until we all meet back at the ranch in 2014. Here is just some of what we did. If I were to show all of the pictures of what we did there would be not enough space and as it is this post is very long.

So here is the breakdown.

Right when we got there, mom you are going to flip, but RIGHT as we pulled up to the ranch the boys were off to shoot and play with these things, below.



Everyday we were at the pool for a bit. The OR Lee's only see clouds and feel rain, so when it is 100degrees out and the sun is shining, they really want to be at the pool. In fact, this was the first in three family reunions that I have been able to Go into the water.

We even had a arts and craft time for the little ones. Suzie, Kels, and Saige did an awesome job painting the faces. I am pretty sure it was the first time for any of them face painting. I loved Drew's! He really did not dig having his hair up and after about an hour it was down and the paint was off. I loved it.


Of course we had the kids ride the horses. Lilly wanted no part of it:) I really wanted a picture of her with her boots on Chocolate, oh well maybe next time.

And of course, the horseshoe tournament! I bought two trophies this time. Carly and Elisa won! So now the Corona Lee's have 3 trophies to brag about. Dwayne was so ticked that Kyle beat him. It was very funny to see the reactions of son beating father for the first time.

Then there was the patio boat rental, a lot of fishing everyday (they did not catch one fish while we were there), and I even got into the lake water. Right in the middle of Lake Shasta we swam and I took at picture with Emma. I do not remember the last time I was in a lake...all of those dang fishes wanting to touch my feet. I did not even mention it to Em..she would have freaked. The water was warm and the kids had a great time letting the wind hit their faces and go through their hair.

**While waiting on shore the kids played, the dad's tried to catch up from the previous nights fun, and Max made a drift wood raft and a paddle which he then went around the lake in**

This was my family after the lake:) Awe, so cute!


We even had dressup time with Carly and posed (I meant to pose this way) with the iron cowboy. That was fun times! Oh and bocee ball! Drew wanted to play so bad and when he was down there for a few minutes he realized how hot it was!
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SO much fun was had those days and even though we had to leave early...I can not wait to be up there again. Maybe this time I will finish crossstiching and more crafts and FINALLY get down to the Sacramento River! Everyone else has been down there dangit!

**Papa's Tree, small but still there**

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